Xcelsius Training

Xcelsius Online Training

Introduction of Xcelsius

  • Introduction to Xcelsius: Excel & Flash
  • Basic Navigation: Components Window, Property Window, Object Browser Window
  • Getting around Xcelsius: Creating a simple model, most frequently used icons
  • Saving files, exporting files
  • Using themes and templates to apply formatting

Xcelsius Charts

  • Xcelsius Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Column, XY, Bubble, Stacked Etc
  • Visualizing data with charts.
  • How to map the data different Charts (using off by series and by range)
  • Chart Formatting
  • Applying best practices for designing models
  • Formatting a Model
  • Applying formatting options
  • Drill Down.
  • Hands on practice


  • Uses of Maps components
  • Hands on practice


  • Alert Methods: Using Xcelsius alerts (Charts, Maps and Selectors)


  • Selectors: Using the Insert in Row function. (Radio Button, Menu, List Box, Combo Box) Etc. (Drill Down)
  • Selectors: Additional functions (position, value, label)

Dynamic Visibility

  • Dynamic Visibility: Key concept in order to bring your Xcelsius models to the next level
  • Hands on practice.

Single Value Components

  • Uses of Single value Components
  • Other Formatting Components and other Components
  • Hands on practice
  • Arts and Background Components and Text Components

Add on Components

  • How to add the Add on Components (3’rd party Components)


  • Migration of Dashboards Xcelsius 2008 to SP5 or any Version

Data Manager

Connecting live data to Dashboards

  • Web Services
  • QaaWS
  • Live Office
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Hands on & Best Practices
  • Questions & Answers

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