Webfocus Training

Webfocus Online Training


  • Web Focus Overview
  • Web Focus Architecture
  • Web Focus Environment
  • Report Type
  • Reporting Tools

Data Adapters & Meta data Creation

  • Master File
  • Access File

Report Painter

  • Introduction
  • Creating new Procedure
  • Report Tools
  • Temporary Field
  • Saving and Reusing Report Output
  • Displaying Report Output

Styling Reports with the Report Painter

  • Styling with Fonts, Colors, and Grids
  • Styling or Positioning an Individual Item in a Text
  • String Aligning Fields and Text in Headings and Footings
  • Defining a Conditional Report Style
  • Adding an Image
  • Applying an External Style Sheet
  • Generating Format-Specific Style Sheets
  • Setting Up the Report Page
  • Report Header Alignment

HTML Layout Painter

  • Introduction
  • Creating the HTML page
  • Importing Web FOCUS Procedure

Analysis the Report Flow

  • How to find main flex file
  • Understanding the reporting flow in flex file
  • Understanding the HTML page flow
  • Dialog manger Command
  • Include
  • Debugging

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