Trillium Software System Training

Trillium Software System Online Training

Prepare Data Load

  • Preapare Data load
    • Examine TSS Features
    • To Login to TSS
  • Create an Entity from a Delimited Source
    • To start Create Entity wizard &describe source
    • To add a column during Entity creation
    • To remove a column during Entity creation
    • To specify which rows to load
    • To monitor Entity creation progress
  • Verify Entity creation
    • To show a summary of Entity metadata
    • To view all rows for an Entity
    • To show a summary of Attribute metadata
    • To find the shortest/longest Attribute length
    • To view values matching the shortest/longest Attribute length
    • To view metadata for all Attributes in an Entity
  • Organize your workspace-Discovery Project
    • To Create a Discovery project
    • To examine a Discovery project
  • Create another Entity from a Delimited Source
    • To start Create Entity wizard&Describe source
    • To filter data at load time
  • Loading Data from an ODBC sources
    • To start Create Entity wizard& Describe source
    • To rename an Entity
    • To delete an Entity from Met abase
  • Loading Data from flat file sources

Investigate Data content

  • Examine TSS Feature
  • Value Ranges-Minimum/Maximum values
    • To find Minimum/Maximum values
    • To find how often the Min/Max values
    • To view rows containing the Min/Max values
  • Document Findings
    • Bookmarks:Private and Public Bookmarks
    • To create a Public Book marks
    • To view Public Book marks
    • Notes:To add notes to an Attribute,To view a list of all notes for a single Attribute
  • Examine Data types
    • To examine data types of an Attributes
  • Examine Nulls
    • To view number of nulls in an Attribute
    • To view rows in an Entity that contains nulls
    • To generate a list of Attributes that  contains nulls
    • To view a list of Notes for all Objects in Metabase
  • Misspellings and Data Entry Issues: Soundex,Metaphones
    • To list Soundexes for an Attribute
    • To examine suspicious Soundexes
    • To list Metaphones for an Attribute
    • To examine suspicious Metaphones
  • Format Deviations:Masks,Patterns
    • To list  Masks for an Attribute
    • To examine suspicious Masks
    • To list Patterns for an Attribute
    • To examine suspicious Patterns
  • Numerical Statistics for an Attribute
    • To find the average or sum of an Attribute
  • Examine Value Sets and Duplicates Values
    • To list a set of values for an attribute
    • To examine potential data duplication

Define Standards&Recode Values

  • Define Standards&Recode values
    • Analyze Phrases to Help Standardize Values
    • To perform Phrase Analysis on Attribute
  • Recode values
    • To recode values
  • Generate a Recode  Value look up Table
    • To generate a recode value look up table

Investigate Relationships-Keys &Dependencies

  • Keys
    • To review Potential Keys(found during import)
    • To save a Discovered Key
    • To validate expected Keys
    • To identify duplicate values within a Key
  • Dependencies
    • To review potential Dependencies (found during data load)
    • To resolve Dependency conflicts
    • To list corrections made to Dependency conflicts
    • To validate expected Dependencies

Investigate Relationships -Joins

  • Finding Potential Joins
    • To find  Potential Joins
    • To review Join analysis results
  • Validating Expected Joins
    • To validate Expected Joins
    • To review  Expected Join analysis results
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
    • To view an ERD for a single join
    • To view ERD for multiple joins
    • To format ERD
  • Export DDLS
    • To export schema in DDL format from ERD
    • To export schema from TSS Explorer

Define Standards-DSD&Business Rules

  • Data Standard Definition(DSD)
    • To check Attribute completeness(Null check)
    • To disable a DSD test
    • To specify more DSD tests on an Attribute
  • Business Rules
    • To create a Business Rule
    • To run a Business Rule
    • To review results from Business Rule analysis
    • To edit a Business Rule

Metabase Manager Tasks

  • Meta base Manager Administrative Tasks
    • To create a Meta base
    • To create a Loaded connections for different sources
    • To create a user
    • To add user to meta bases
    • To enable key analysis during data load
    • Create a Profiling project
    • Delete a Project
    • Rename a  Project

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