Tibco BE Training

Tibco BE Online Training


  • What is CEP?
  • Rete Network
  • RTC
  • Rule and Rule Agenda
  • Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining Rule Engines

BE Basics

  • Concepts
  • Events
  • Rule Functions
  • Rules
  • Scorecard
  • CDD file
  • TIBCO Business Studio
  • Lab – Create a basic Fraud Detection Project and Execute in Business Studio

BE Basics Contd

  • Event Inheritance
  • Concept Relationships
  • Start up and Shut down Rule functions
  • Event Preprocessor
  • Lab – Extend Fraud Detection Project to include the above and execute in Business Studio

Object Management

  • What is Object Management?
  • In-Memory Object Management
  • Cache Object Management
  • Lab – Extent Fraud Detection and use Object Management and run in business studio


  • Database Concept and Data Modeler
  • Lab – Use Database Concept in Fraud Detection project

State Modelling

  •  About State Modelling
  • Lab – Implement State Machine in Fraud Detection Project

Rules Server

  • Rules Server and Decision Manager
  • What is Decision Manager?
  • Virtual Rule Function
  • Lab – Implement Decision Manager in Fraud Detection

Real Time Project Implementation

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