Tibco Active Spaces Training

Tibco Active Spaces Online Training

Active Spaces Course Contents


  • What is Data Grid?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Data Grid vs. Cache
  • Brief Comparison of Oracle Coherence vs. Active Space
  • Active Spaces Architecture
  • Active Spaces Components – Space, Metaspace, Seeder, Leecher, Tuples
  • TIBCO process to store customer preferences info in a AS data grid. Create Met space, Create Space, and Add tuple.
  • Another TIBCO process gets data from the space.

Advanced Concepts

  • Space Properties, Distribution Policy, Replication Policy, Persistence

Browsing Data from space

  • Space Browser, Event Browser
  • Time Scope, Distribution Scope
  • Defining and Using index on the space

Event Listeners

  • Hands On

Active Space Monitoring and Management

  • (ASMM)
  • AS-Agent

Case Study


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