Testing Tools Training

Testing Tools Online Training

Manual Testing & Quality Concepts

Testing Introduction

  • QA&QC
  • Verification & Validation
  • Software development life cycle
  • Quality standards
  • Testing Types
  • Testing Levels

Software Development Life Cycle

  • SDLC Process
  • SDLC models analysis
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Testing Vs SDLC
  • Web Development Life Cycle

Manual Defects Analysis

  • BUGS Life Cycle
  • Severity and Priority of BUGS
  • BUG report
  • Types of BUGS

Manual Testing Documents

  • Test Plan Preparation Content
  • Master Test Plan Content
  • Test Strategy and Methodology
  • Designing Test Cases Techniques
  • Manual Testing FAQ’s

Tools Quality Center

Automated Test Management

  • Components of Quality Center
  • Automated Testing using Win Runner & QTP
  • Manual Testing steps
  • Test case designer
  • Preparing reports
  • Defect report preparation
  • Quality Center Integration Ms Excel

Quality Center Site Administration

  • User Administration
  • Document generator
  • Quality Center and QTP integration


  • Win Runner Testing process
  • Understanding Record and replay Process
  • Understanding TSL


Introduction to QTP

  • QTP Testing process
  • Understanding QTP environment
  • Data Table, Active screen, keyword view & expert view

Using QTP Automated Testing

  • Creating standard checkpoints
  • Data Driven Testing new approach
  • Virtual object Wizard
  • Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Win Runner and QTP differences
  • QTP FAQ’s

Load Runner

Performance Testing Overview

  • Load Testing Stress Testing & Capacity Testing
  • Load Testing Terminology
  • Load Testing process manual
  • Load Testing process automated
  • How does Load Runner works
  • Components of Load Runner
  • Using Vusergenerator
  • Vuser script recording process
  • Understanding Vuser logs
  • Scenarios Manual Scenario, Goal oriented Scenario
  • Controller setup
  • Monitoring setup
  • Analyze results

Enhanced LoadTesting

  • Recording multiple transactions
  • Creating parameters
  • Vusers and Parameters
  • Creating rendezvous point and Corelated query
  • Understanding Transactions
  • Web Applications Load Testing
  • Analyze graphs of performance Testing

Silk Test

Silk Test Architecture

  • Silk Test Introduction
  • Silk suite Tools
  • Components of Silk Test
  • Silk Test Testing Stages
  • Silk Test Scripting Methods
  • Checkpoints Standard Objects
  • Objects using bitmap tool
  • Creating and Running C Programs

Programming with 4TSL

  • Data Driven Testing
  • Database Data Driver Testing
  • Text files Data Driver Testing

SQA Robot

  • Introduction to SQA Suite
  • Features of Robot
  • SQA Administrator
  • SQA Manager
  • Creating Project
  • Creating Test Plan
  • Create Test Procedures
  • Recording and replay process
  • Setting for play back operations

Advanced Checkpoints

  • Object properties Comparator
  • Image comparator
  • Text file comparator
  • Creating Batch Tests

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