Sybase IQ DBA Training

Sybase IQ DBA Online Training

Sybase IQ for Data Ware house

Sybase IQ Product Overview

  • Overview
  • Advantages of Sybase IQ
  • Key Principle

Architecture and terminology

  • IQ server Overview
  • IQ Database
  • Database files
  • IQ tables and indexes

Sybase IQ Index and Data Types

  • Sybase IQ index types
  • Sybase IQ data types

Creating tables and indexes

  • Examining three types of tables
  • Creating view
  • Creating indexes

Loading data from Files

  • Data source and table loading
  • LOAD TABLE Syntax
  • Other load option
  • Debugging load problem
  • Deleting data
  • UPDATE command

Advanced Loading Data from files

  • Handling data problems
  • Load from multiple files
  • Partial-Width loads
  • Adding DB space during load


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