Splunk Training

Splunk Training


About Splunk

  • What is Splunk
  • Features of Splunk
  • Why is Splunk Better than other Tools in the Industry
  • How Splunk helps Business

About Splunk Users

  • Types of Users

About Splunk Deployments

  • Splunk and IT Infrastructure
  • Components of Splunk

Splunk Resources

  • Product Resources
  • Overview on Splunk Administration
  • Overview on Searching and Reporting
  • Overview of Knowledge Objects
  • Overview of Splunk Apps

Splunk Installation

  • System Requirements for Splunk Installation
  • Securing Splunk Installation
  • Installation of Splunk on Windows
  • Installation of Splunk on Unix
  • Start using Splunk
  • Install Splunk License Server
  • Install different components of Splunk
  • Upgrade Splunk
  • Uninstall Splunk

Splunk Architecture, Components and Processes

  • Indexer and Functions
  • Forwarder, Types of Forwarder and Functions
  • Search Head and Functions
  • Deployment Server and Functions

Splunk Search

  • Getting Started with Splunk
  • Getting data into Splunk
  • Using Splunk Search
  • Using Splunk Search
  • Basics of how to Search data
  • Saving and Sharing Basic Reports
  • Creating Basic dashboards

Splunk Processing Language(SPL)

  • Search Commands and Functions
  • Internal Search Commands

Splunk Administration

  • Introduction for Windows Admin
  • Difference between Windows and Unix in Splunk Operations
  • Optimize Splunk for Peak Performance
  • Administer Splunk with Splunk Web
  • Administer Splunk with Configuration Files
  • Administer Splunk with Command Line Interface(CLI)
  • Configure Splunk licenses
  • Splunk Apps
  • Manage Users and their Roles

Creation and Scheduling of Alerts

Creation of Dashboard and Report

Getting data into Splunk

  • What Splunk can Index
  • How to get Data into Splunk
  • Get data from Files and Directories
  • Configure event processing
  • Configure timestamps
  • Configure indexed field extraction
  • Configure host Values
  • Configure Sourcetypes

Eventtypes and Tags

Report Accelaration and Summary Indexing

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