ServiceNow Training


Core Configuration

  • Configure Navigation, Search and UI Options
  • Manage Lists, Filters, and Forms
  • UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client
  • Scripts 2
  • Activate Plugins

User Administration

  • Configure User Accounts
  • Add Groups and Assign Users to Groups
  • Assign Roles

Manage Data with tables and CMDB

  • Learn How to Manage Data with Tables
  • Work with the CMDB to add New Configuration Items (CIs)

Manage Data with Import Set and Update Set

  • Work with Import Sets
  • Create and Apply Update Sets

Process Application

  • Work with Knowledge Base
  • Create and Populate Service Catalog Items and Order Guide
  • Workflows

Core Application Administration

  • Set up Email Notifications and SMS Alerts
  • Learn about Upgrade Process and Release Cycle
  • Implement Contextual Application Security
  • Record Baseline Performance Statistics

Service Administration

  • Create and Modify Reports
  • Create and Apply SLAs
  • Customize and Brand Your Instance
  • Use Social IT Capabilities

Case studies/Walk through some real projects

Interview Guidance

Ad-hoc session for question and answer


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