SAP Workflow Training

SAP Workflow Online Training

Introduction to Workflow

  • Workflow Architecture
  • Workflow Terminology

Basic Customization of workflow system

  • Basic customization of workflow system
  • Possible inboxes
  • Define substitutions
  • Possible work items

Basic Org structure

  • Agents assignment using org structure

Step types in Workflow

  • Activity
  • User decision
  • Condition
  • Multiple condition
  • Send mail
  • Form
  • Fork
  • Loop (Until)
  • Wait
  • Container operation
  • Process control


  • Agent assignment
  • Possible agents, responsible agents and excluded agents
  • Dynamic agent assignment using rule
  • Assign the agents to positions, work centers, jobs and org units
  • Creating responsible agents 

Event Trace

  • Triggering events in the system with standard transaction

Workflow Development

  • Defining workflow using workflow builder
  • Data definitions and workflow containers
  • Binding workflow between the task

Container types

  • Event container
  • Workflow container
  • Task container
  • Method container

Working with Business objects- Enhancement of standard business objects

  • Delegation
  • Add custom methods
  • Add custom events
  • Add custom attributes
  • Creation of new business objects

Testing Workflow

  • Testing workflow builder
  • Testing methods using BOR
  • Testing and simulating rules
  • Testing responsibility rules with multiple criteria and secondary rules
  • Testing function module rules

Triggering events

  • Definition of events
  • Using function modules
  • Using workflow builder
  • Start conditions
  • Terminating events
  • Raising events via classes
  • Raising events via status changes
  • Raising events via change documents
  • Raising events via HR info types
  • Raising events via implicitly enhancement points

Workflow diagnosis

  • Diagnosis the workflow log
  • Diagnosis the technical log
  • Diagnosis the transaction events, RFC log

Deadline monitoring

  • Requested start
  • Latest start
  • Requested end
  • Latest end

Methods to start workflow

  • Using user exit and BADI
  • Using configuration and Tcodes

Workflow Administration

  • Work items without Agents
  • Work items with deleted IDs
  • Delete work items
  • Error resolution
  • Tecnhinics to resolve run time errors

Workflow integration with Outlook server
Real Time scenarios

  • Leave Request workflow
  • Travel Request creation
  • Travel expense creation

Interview orientation and Resume preparation

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