SAP IS Training

SAP IS Online Training

Organizational Units: Configuration Guide

  • Set Up Company Codes for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Define Company Code Groups
  • Assign Company Codes to Company Code Groups

Basic Functions: – Configuration Guide

  • Application Area
  • Contract Accounts
  • Define Number Ranges
  • Configure Contract Acct Categories and Assign Number Ranges
  • Data Transfer
  • Define Sender Structure
  • Account Determination IDs for Contracts
  • Define Account Determination IDs for Contract Accounts

Postings and Documents

  • Basic Settings
  • Maintain Central Settings for Posting
  • Maintain User-Specific Posting Settings
  • Maintain Document Number Ranges
  • Define Lock Reasons for Posting Locks


  • Maintain Document Types and Assign Number Ranges
  • Document Type Specifications for Collective Bills
  • Document Types for Invoicing
  • Document Types for Invoicing Reversal
  • Document Types for Budget Billing
  • Document Types for Partial Bill
  • Document Types for Consumption and Partial Bills

Sales/Purchase Tax Determination

Maintain Main Transactions

Maintain Sub Transactions

Transactions for Charges IS-U

Period Keys for Posting

CO Account Assignment Keys

Store CO Account Determination Key

Down Payments and Charges

Maintain Payment Terms

Account balance

  • Define List Category
  • Define Line Layout Variants for Account Balance

Business Transactions

  • Security Deposit
  • Number Ranges for Security Deposits
  • Define General Parameters for Security Deposit
  • Request Reasons for Securities
  • Status of Noncash Security Deposits
  • Noncash Security Deposit Categories
  • Reversal Reasons for Security Deposits


  • Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal
  • Define Cash Desk Clearing Accounts
  • Default Account Assignments
  • Document Type for Payment Category
  • Transfer Postings to Cash Desk
  • Master Data for Cash Journal
  • Posting Cash Desk Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Number Ranges for Receipt Printing
  • Reasons for Repeat Print
  • Default Values for Payment Lot
  • Default Values for Check Lot
  • Clearing Accounts for Payment Lots
  • Define Clarification Account
  • Clearing Account for Check Deposit
  • Repayment
  • Own Bank Details and User Numbers
  • Payment Medium
  • Paying Company Code
  • Payment Lock Reasons


  • Configure Returns Reasons
  • Return Reasons to House Banks
  • Bank Clearing Account for Returns
  • Clarification Accounts for Returns
  • Charges Accounts for Returns
  • Document Type and Clearing Reason

Transfer Reasons

  • Default Value for Transfer Reason
  • Specifications and Default Values for Transfer
  • Specifications Dependent on Transfer Reason


  • Define Specifications for Clearing Item

Deferral and Installment Plans

  • Define Installment Plan Type
  • Deactivation Reasons for Installment Plan

Interest Calculation

  • Item Interest Calculation
  • Define Reference Interest Rates
  • Define Percentage Rates for Reference Interest Rates
  • Define Interest Calculation Rules
  • Define Interest Key
  • Maintain Amount Limits for Debit/Credit Interest
  • Define Interest Lock Reasons
  • Define Clearing Reasons for Which Interest is not calculated
  • Balance Interest Calculation
  • Interest Calculations – India
  • Define Interest Slabs on Overdue Items
  • Define Security Deposit Interest Limits


  • Define Write-Off Reasons
  • Define Specifications and Default Values for Write-Off
  • Define Specs and Default Values for Mass Write-offs
  • Automatic G/L Account Determination for Write-offs
  • Automatic G/L Account Determination for Writing off Value Adjustments
  • Maintain Alternative Expense and Revenue Account
  • Define Percentage Rates for Writing-Off Value Adjusted Items


  • Define Charge Categories for Dunning
  • Define Document Types for Dunning Charge Categories
  • Configure Charge Schedules for Dunning Procedure
  • Configure Dunning Activities
  • Define Dunning Lock Reasons

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