SAP Basis Training

SAP Basis Online Training


  • Introduction to ERP World
  • Use of ERP in Business World
  • Introduction to SAP Basis Administration


  • R3 and R2 Architecture introduction
  • Architecture Comparison R2, R3, WAS
  • Detail Understanding of CI, Dialog, DB Instance, Central, JAVA instance
  • Overview of SAP R/3 Architecture of SAP application Area

SAP Landscape

  • Multi system landscape
  • Three System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • Single system Landscape


  • Installation of SAP R/3 4.7 on Oracle 9.20.1
  • Installation of ECC 6.0 on 10.2&11.2, SQL, DB2, MAXDB
  • Installation of UNIX(SUSI-Linux)

Implementation Phase

  • Project preparation
  • Blue Print
  • Realization
  • Testing
  • Go-live

User Administration

  • User administration
  • User creation, deletion, lock, unlock
  • Mass user creation, deletion, Rename De-activate users passwords etc
  • Managing user groups
  • Central user administration

Client Administration

  • Client Administration
  • Local client copy
  • Remote Client Copy
  • Client export / Import
  • Delete client
  • Detail understanding of RFC and logical client


  • Creation of Roles with different T-Codes with Missing authorization different objects and Functional module
  • Working on Standard roles
  • Maintaining Organization levels
  • Using of User trace
  • Maintaining Org-levels
  • Restriction access reports and T-codes via Role
  • Creation of composite and Derive Role
  • Offshore security working procedure
  • SOX, SOD, GRC, Compliances calibrator


  • Landscape design
  • Configuring transport domain / groups
  • Working with change and transport system Organizer
  • Overview of TP/R3 Trans
  • Performing Transport with TP and R3trans Tools
  • Common transport directions configuring real and Virtual in 3 systems
  • Configuring TMS between DEV, QAS and PRD
  • Overview of four and multiple system TMS configuration


  • Health check, profile parameters, operational Modes
  • Background jobs, Standard jobs, Configure logon – load Balancing
  • Workload monitor and O/S collector
  • Detail study on Memory management, work load
  • Analysis and how to nail down performance issues

Spool Administration

  • Spool administration architecture
  • Local and Remote printing
  • Access method and device configuration
  • Working on UNIX and check printing
  • Managing spool requests
  • Working on day to day problem of printers

Patch Management

  • Knowledge of OSS (SAP Market Place)
  • Adding patches, Add-ons and plug-in support
  • Packs and EHPS (Enhancement packs)
  • Kernel Patches upgrades
  • Applying Support packs and Java patches
  • Downloading Support packs, and EHP
  • Support pack dependencies and Requirements

Data Base Administration

  • Oracle Database administration (Introduction)
  • Table Space administration (via)SAPDBA and BRTools
  • Re-Organization of Tables space, Table, Index etc
  • Backup and restore oracle 10g oracle 9i MSSQL 2005
  • Database files system of Oracle and MSSql
  • General activates and parameters in data base
  • Working on SQL Queries and DB health Check

General Administration

  • Monitoring SAP instances
  • System work process monitoring
  • Analysis of ABAP dumps
  • Managing lock entries
  • System tracing utilities
  • Monitoring database
  • Monitoring Tune summary and workload analysis

Advance topics for weekend classes

  • Installation of ECCD 6.0 on Linux with Oracle 10g
  • Oracle system copy
  • MSSQL System copy
  • Kernel upgrades, version Upgrades and O/S, DB Migrations
  • Backup and restore in MSSQL and Oracle
  • Live demo on service market place
  • Net weaver product installation on all data base (MSSQL 2005, Oracle 10g, Max DB, DB2)
  • Installation of solution manager and solution configuration
  • Introduction to EP and B.I.¬† Installation and Configurations

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