Salesforce Developer Training

Salesforce Developer Training Code (Apex)

  • List and describe the features of code and distinguish between it and other programming languages
  • Describe when and why to use code
  • List and describe syntax features of code
  • Describe the ways code can be invoked
  • Describe use cases for code in an integration scenario
  • Describe how to send and receive email via code
  • Describe use cases for dynamic code
  • Describe use cases for batch code
  • Describe the save execution order and use of before and after triggers
  • Describe the types of governor limits and contexts and the rationale behind them
  • Describe how to write scalable code that handles bulk operations Pages (Visual force)

  • Describe the benefits, functions, and features of pages and how it conforms to the model-view controller pattern
  • Describe how to incorporate pages into applications
  • Describe how to create data, action, and component binding expressions
  • List and describe syntax features of pages
  • Describe best practices for incorporating static resources, style sheets, and other content into pages
  • Describe how to create and use a page as the template for multiple pages
  • Describe how to handle client-side behavior through the use of either
  • standard components or custom JavaScript
  • Describe and incorporate proper error-handling techniques
  • Describe how to create a custom component and the benefits of custom components versus other techniques for code reuse
  • Describe how to leverage PDF generation
  • Distinguish between standard controllers, custom controllers, and extensions
  • Describe the request lifecycle of a page
  • Describe view state and the stateful programming model of pages
  • Describe the benefits of using code classes as structs or wrappers of objects

Testing and Debugging

  • Describe the techniques and tools available to debug, test, and monitor code execution
  • List and describe the contents and use of the System Log
  • Describe how to create and run unit tests as well as techniques for achieving 100% test coverage
  • Describe how to test page controllers
  • Describe how to test email send and receive in different environments Sites: Introduction

Sandboxes Over view

Deploying Code (Apex)


  • Eclipse and IDE Usage
  • Data Loader and CLIQ
  • Jitter Bit Data loader
  • migration tool

Advanced development

  • SOAP Web Service
  • REST Web Service
  • Streaming API
  • Integrations Using APEX and Integration with Other ERP Systems by Using tools and Programming
  • Visual force Pages with  Java Script , JQuery , Ext Js , Google API’s (Maps,docs, etc )
  • Heroku

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