Robotium Android Automation with SSAF Training

Robotium Android Automation with SSAF Online Training

Introduction to Android Testing

  • What is android testing?
  • Need for Automation
  • Advantages of Android Automation Testing
  • How to learn Mobile Automation testing tool
  • Various Mobile Automation tools in the Market
  • Native application Automation

Introduction ADB

  • Introduction to Android SDK / Overview
  • What is ADB, how it works
  • ADB Commands
  • Installation / Uninstallation
  • Device / Emulator

Introduction to Robotium

  • What is Robotium?
  • Features
  • Pre-requisite

Android Test Environment Setup

  • Setting up Android Test Environment
  • ADT Bundle – A Ready to start tool kit
  • Manually set up Android
  • Download and Android SDK
  • Install Android Development (ADT)
  • Adding SDK Location
  • Set up Device
  • Run tests on real devices

Example Test Projects

  • Native test Project
  • Hybrid Test Project

Robotium for APK files

  • Test Android Application – Black box testing
  • Install AUT APK
  • Sign APK file in debug mode
  • Important Steps
  • Load Emulator
  • Set up Android SDK path
  • Install AUT apk on Emulator
  • Object Identification
  • Create Android Project
  • Code Test Class
  • Robotium Jar
  • Run Tests

Robotium for Hybrid applications

  • Create Android Project
  • Code Test Class
  • Robotium Jar
  • Run Tests

Working on objects

  • Textboxes
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdowns / spinners

Taking screenshots /HTML Reports


Run Tests from the command line

Introduction to SSAF

  • What is SSAF (Script less Smart Automation Framework)
  • How to develop the framework
  • Integration of the framework
  • How to execute the scripts from framework

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