QTP Training

QTP Online Training

Introduction to Automation testing

  • Need of Automation
  • Introducing various tools and functionalities
  • Difference between manual testing and Automation testing
  • Prerequisites for -Win Runner to QTP
  • Introduction to QTP tool and discussion on various versions of QTP

Testing Process of QTP

  • Understanding the Test Process of QTP
  • Discussion on the various components of QTP
  • window like test pane, Test details pane
  • Active screen, Data table, Information and missing Resources window
  • Discussion on the keyword view and Expert view
  • Understanding different toolbars and window
  • themes (MS office 2000, X~ Office 2003,MS.Net 2005).

Implementation GUI and Bitmap Regression Test

  • Understanding the Add-in manager
  • Working with Automation Record and Run setting
  • Working with File settings
  • Working with Tools options

Creating Test Scenarios / Components

  • Understand diff recording modes of QTP (Normal, Analog, Low-Level)
  • Understanding Test object, Run Object,Pre Learning and Auto Learning
  • Understanding how QTP identifies the objects (Mandatory & Assistive properties)
  • Working with Object Repository(Shared and Per-Action)
  • Working with Object Repository Manager
  • Associating Objects Repositories to Actions of QTP
  • Working with Object Spy
  • Understanding the basic structure of QTP script on different technologies like (VB, .Net, Java/J2EE, Web and Standard windows)
  • Understanding the need of checkpoints in Automation
  • Working on various checkpoints available in QTP
  • Understanding the need of output values in Automation
  • Working on various output values available in QTP
  • Understanding the Environment Variables /Global Variables
  • Working on both inbuilt and User defined Variables

Action in QTP

  • Introduction to Actions in QTP advantages of Actions
  • Creating New actions, Split actions
  • Working on reusability of Actions with call to existing and call to copy options

Functions, Procedures and Classes (Library Files)

  • Automation Testing
  • Creating Local and Global functions in QTP
  • Working with Library Files of QTP
  • Creating user defined classes, methods and objects in QTP
  • Understanding how a function returns the value in QTP

Parameterization / Data Driven Test

  • Introduction to parameterization
  • Creating a Parameterized script (Data Driven Test)
  • Working on different methods of Data Table object
  • Working on different ways of parameterizing an object in QTP

File Operations in QTP

  • Reading from, Writing to external files like
  • Text files, Excel files.
  • Working with XML util object
  • Performing various operations on XML files using QTP

Advanced Options

  • Descriptive programming
  • Exception Handling / Recovery scenario Manager
  • Smart Identification, Configuration of object Identification
  • Database connection using ADODB objects
  • VB Scripting language

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