Python Training

python training
  • Installation of Python
  •  Input and Output
  •  Builtin Functions
  •  Variables, Operators, Operands
  •  Numerics, Expressions
  •  Strings
  •  Data structures : Lists , Tuples , Dictionaries
  •  Conditionals and Boolean Logic
  •  Functions  and  Anonymous functions like lambda,map, filter, list comprehensions
  •  Modules and Libraries
  •  Data persistence using  shelve,pickle, etc.,
  • Files
  •  Errors and Exceptions
  •  Database Programming
  •  Regular Expressions
  •  Object Oriented Programming
  •  threads and multiprocessing
  •  Decorators and Iterators[generators]
  •  How to overload  operators like __getitem__, __setitem__,   __cmp__, __gt__, __eq__, __le__ etc..,
  •  Networking : Basic understanding of Sockets Programming
  •  Basic Introduction to GUI Programming using Django Framework

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