PEGA Training

PEGA Online Training

PEGA Introduction to Process Commander

  • What is BPM?
  • Why PEGA?
  • Competitors
  • PRPC Architecture and PRPC Usage
  • Six “R’s”

Application Architecture

  • Application Server
  • Java and Java Enterprise Edition
  • Multi-Tiered Architecture
  • Common Rule types
  • PRPC Terms Open PRPC through different IDs and examining the portals
  • Examining Rules using Process Commander
  • Portals and Basic rules
  • examining the different type of portals and basic rule of Pega

Understanding Work Class Structure

  • Classes/Objects
  • Work Pool, Work Group
  • Class Inheritance

Building Class structures

  • Understanding Class Structure
  • Designing Class Hierarchy
  • Create a New Class
  • Creating new class

Understanding Properties and Data Classes

  • Property Mode
  • Property Types/Standard Properties

Creating Property and Model Rules

  • Page, Repeating Layouts
  • Create New Property
  • What is Model, Model Chaining
  • Creating New Property, Model and Create New Model

Introducing Process Flows

Flows and Different types of shapes in flow

  • Building Flow Rules
  • Edit a Flow using Visio
  • Open a flow using flow editor and made some changes and see the impact in our application

User Interface and Components of User Interface

  • Building the user interface
  • Enhancing the User interface
  • Creating new UI components

RuleSets and Security Overview

  • RuleSets/RuleSets Versions
  • Create RuleSets
  • Application Rule
  • Create Application
  • Access Group Create Access Group
  • Organization Hierarchy/Operator ID Creating own Organization Operator IDs
  • Advanced Topics

Debugging Tools

  • Tracer
  • Clipboard With the help these tools, debug our application
  • Rules Inspector

Declarative Rules

  • Constraints and Declare Expression
  • Declare Index First examine the built in rule, than create your own declare expression
  • Declare On Change
  • Declare Trigger
  • Forward and back word Chaining


  • Client-side Validation
  • Server-side Validation
  • Constraints
  • Create Validate Rule
  • Edit Validate

Using Decision Rules

  • When Condition
  • Decision Tree Create decision table
  • Decision Table and Map Value

Using Activities

  • Purpose:  Open an Activity and understand the purpose of each and part of Activity
  • Component of Activity
  • Activity Types: Create an Activity and use them in our Application

Pega RULES Database and Obj- Methods

  • Various Obj- Method and RDB- methods
  • Reports
  • List View and Summary View

Integrating Process Commander Applications Services

  • Connectors  and  Data Mapping

Documenting and Saving your Work

  • What Is Documenting
  • How It does help to Create your application document through document wizard
  • Automatic Document Generation tool in Pega

Pega Methodology and Guardrails

  • Implementation Methodology
  • Direct Capture Tools
  • Application A
  • Application Profiler
  • Test Management Framework
  • Project Management Framework
  • Stages of Pega System approach

Building an application

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