Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Suite Training

Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Suite Online Training


  • Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture
  • Introduction to Service Composite Application
  • Introduction to BPEL
  • Introduction to Mediator
  • Introduction to Metadata Service Repository (MDS)
  • Overview  XML, XSD, X Path, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI

Installation and Setup of SOA Environment

  • Running RCU utility
  • Installation of Jdeveloper 11.x
  • Installation of Jdeveloper SOA Composite Editor 11.x
  • Installation of Weblogic 10.x
  • Installation of Oracle SOA Server 11.x

Basics for SOA

  • Understanding Service model
  • XML and Webservices
  • Understanding XSD, SOAP and WSDL
  • Invocation of Webservices

Weblogic Adminstration for SOA Developer

  • Web Logic Server Domain and Managed Server Architecture
  • Start up and shut down of Weblogic server
  • Creating Weblogic Server domain for SOA
  • Surfing on Weblogic Admin Console and Enterprise manager
  • include Datasources, JNDI, JMS, Resource Adapters, Composite Applications, Web application
  • Configuring DataSources, RA, JMS, JNDI

SCA in Action

  • SOA Architecture and Components
  • Creating First SCA Application  using BPEL and Mediator
  • SCA Dashboard- Services, Components and References
  • Wiring Services, Components and References
  • Deploying Composite Application on Weblogic Server
  • Testing Composite Application using Weblogic  EM
  • Dwelling through composite.xml file

BPEL in Action

  • Interaction patterns – One way, Request-Reply
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronus Process
  • Types of BPEL Process

BPEL Structure

  • Partner Links, Variables
  • Message Types and Activies

Structured Activities

  • Scope
  • Sequence
  • Flow and FlowN
  • Switch and Case
  • Looping through While
  • Pick
  • Webservice – Invoke, Reply, Partner Link and Receive
  • Activities – Assign, Compensate, Throw, Wait, Empty and Terminate
  • Extensions – Transform, Java Embedding
  • Understanding power of XLST
  • Scope: Compensation Handler, OnAlarm, OnMessage, Catch and Catch All

Advanced BPEL in Action

Fault Handling

  • Fault Handling Framework
  • BPEL Activites- Throw, Terminate
  • Types of Faults
  • Creating Fault Policies and Fault bindings
  • Recovery of Faults from Weblogic EM
  • Executing Unit tests from Weblogic EM
  • Understanding SOA db metadata schema for Composites and BPEL Processes

Service Adapters in Action

  • File Adapter – Flat file, XML file, CSV file and Opaque
  • JMS Adapter – Weblogic JMS
  • Database Adapter-  CRUD, Polling Legacy and Invocation of PLSQL Code
  • Webservice Adapter

Mediator in Action

  • Routing, Validation, Filter and Transformation
  • Invoking BPEL from Mediator and vice-versa
  • JMS Publish to File Write using Mediator
  • BPEL vs Mediator

Human Task Workflows in Action

  • Different terminology of Human task workflows
  • Creating Workflows
  • Working with Task Editor
  • Testing Workflows in WorkList application

CDM in Action

  • Understanding CDM – Canonical Data Model
  • Creating DVM – Domain Value Mapping
  • Using DVM in BPEL and Mediator

MDS in Action

  • Description to Metadata Service  (MDS)
  • Creating MDS connection in Jdeveloper
  • Configuring MDS in development and runtime environment
  • File vs DB based MDS
  • Importing WSDL, XSD and DVM files to MDS
  • Exporting WSDL, XSD and DVM files from MDS

BAM in Action

  • Introduction to BAM
  • Creating Sensors in SOA Composites
  • Creating BAM Adapter
  • BAM Architecture and Components
  • BAM Viewer and BAM Studio

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