Oracle Forms Management Training

Oracle Forms Management Online Training

Introduction and Overview

  • Database, Forms and Reports
  • Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Physical Database Design
  • Database Management
  • Tables, Views, Indexes, Synonyms, Grants, Roles
  • Installing Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Architecture and toolset
  • Testing forms and reports

Design Principles

  • Using Form Builder Client/Server
  • Defining a consistent interface
  • Implementing user interface items
  • Selecting names, colour and layout
  • Building well-designed menus
  • Using the Menu Editor
  • Creating magic menu items and Alerts
  • Multi form applications
  • Screen Formation
  • Object Navigator, Blocks, Canvas, Windows

Form Builder

  • Creating a Oracle Form
  • Oracle Form Designer
  • Elements of Form Designers, Menus and Libraries
  • Building single and master / Detail Forms
  • Using the Object Navigator
  • Defining data blocks using the Data Block Wizard
  • Using the Layout Editor
  • Working with interface items
  • Manipulating, arranging and formatting interface items

SQL Statements and Queries

  • Data Types
  • Table Structure
  • Create Table
  • Insert Table
  • Select Table, where, like etc
  • Alter Tables, Columns
  • Update Table
  • Elements of Form Designers, Menus and Libraries

Form Builder Operations with PL/SQL

  • PL/SQL programming
  • Developing well-structured code
  • Using local, global and system variables
  • PL/SQL Character set
  • Variables
  • IF clause, Loops, Null Clause, Exception handlers
  • Error handling, cursor
  • PL/SQL tables
  • Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Using Oracle-supplied routines
  • Creating user-named routines
  • Using a library to store reusable code
  • Stored Procedures
  • Creating Triggers
  • Coding and Compilation
  • Debugging techniques in Form Builder
  • Tracing Trigger Operation
  • Using the debugger facility
  • Break points and stack variables
  • Defining block and relation properties
  • Block navigation
  • Where and Order by clauses
  • Implementing master-detail relationships
  • Creating a list of values and record group objects
  • Setting record group properties
  • Designing queries to populate a list of values (LOV)
  • Designing windows and canvases
  • Setting properties of content, stacked, toolbar and tab canvases
  • Using the Layout Wizard

Designing and Building Reports

  • The basic techniques
  • Setting default options
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Creating the report data model
  • Designing report layouts
  • Specifying and developing layout objects
  • Editing and manipulating layout objects
  • Creating master-detail and tabular reports
  • Applying advanced techniques
  • Using triggers for validating parameters
  • Manipulating report format dynamically using triggers
  • Charts and Displays with Graphics Builder
  • Examining Graphics Builder components
  • Chart items and their properties
  • Data queries
  • Categories and values
  • Building graphical displays
  • Editing the layout
  • Defining chart items and specifying queries used for populating the chart
  • Testing and executing displays
  • Creating drill-down charts
  • Passing parameters between master and detail charts
  • Using layers to navigate between drill-down chart levels

Building Applications

  • Integrating Forms and Reports modules
  • Creating integrated applications
  • Passing parameters between Form Builder module

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