Oracle Apex Training

Oracle Apex Online Training

Fundamental Concepts in Oracle APEX

  • Introduction to Oracle APEX
  • What is an Apex solution?
  • About Oracle APEX.
  • Overview of APEX Architecture.
  • When to use Apex?
  • APEX vs. Other Web Development technologies
  • History of Oracle Apex
  • Progress of Oracle APEX
  • Apex look & feel
  • Design, ready-to-use functionalities.
  • How to design the solution?
  • Key points for developing APEX solutions

Fundamentals of Oracle APEX

  • Oracle APEX Architecture.
  • Oracle APEX Environment.
  • Installation and Prerequisites.
  • Database Users or Database Schema’s
  • Workspaces
  • Application Express User Roles
  • Creating Workspaces and Users
  • Oracle APEX Development Walkthrough.
  • Application Builder
  • SQL Workshop
  • Team Builder
  • Administration
  • System Message and News Regions 

Understanding Oracle APEX

Application Builder Concepts

  • What is an Oracle Application Express Application?
  • Understanding Session State Management
  • Understanding URL Syntax

Utilizing Packaged Applications

  • About Packaged Applications
  • Managing Packaged Applications
  • About Sample Database Application
  • Using Application Builder (Practical)
  • Application Builder Home Page
  • Application Home Page
  • Managing the Development Process (Practical)
  • About the Team Development Home Page
  • Tracking Features
  • Tracking Milestones
  • Tracking to Dos
  • Managing Bugs
  • Managing Feedback
  • Utilizing the Tags Summary
  • Managing Team Actions

Application Development in Oracle APEX

  • Using SQL Workshop and SQL Developer usage for APEX
  • Using SQL Workshop
  • SQL Developer usage for APEX 

Working with Reports

  • SQL Classic Reports.
  • Interactive Reports

Working with Simple Forms

  • Creating manual Forms.
  • Creating Forms and Reports

Understanding how forms works

Working with Advanced Forms

  • Master-Detail Forms.
  • Tabular Forms

Working with Dynamic Actions

  • Understanding Dynamic Actions
  • Using Dynamic Actions

Working with Dynamic PL/SQL Regions

  • Creating a report using dynamic PL/SQL
  • Creating a basic form using Pl/SQL
  • Creating charts with dynamic PL/SQL

Integration and Usage of Other Web Technologies in APEX

  • HTML Basics and using it in APEX
  • CSS basics and using it in APEX
  • JavaScript basics and using it in APEX
  • Jquery basics and using it in APEX 

Exploring Shared Components

  • Application Items
  • Application Processes
  • Application Computations
  • Tabs and Breadcrumbs
  • App Images and Workspace Images

Exploring Application and Code Management

  • Understanding Application Export and Import
  • Code Management in Oracle APEX

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