MQ Series Training

MQ Series Online Training

Messaging Queue

  • What is MQ?
  • Purpose for using MQ
  • Advantages of MQ

H/W & S/W requirements for MQ Installation

Messaging & queuing

  • What are Messages?
  • Types of Messages
  • Format of Message
  • What are Queues?
  • Types of queues
  • Basic Attributes of Queues

Queue Manager

  • What are a QMngr
  • QMngr roles & responsibilities?


  • What are Channels?
  • Types of Channels
  • Basic Attributes of Channels

Types of Workstation in MQ Series

  • Client & Server Model wrt to MQ series
  • How MQ works.

Modes of Communication in MQ Series

  • Peer to Peer
  • Cluster
  • Triggering

Basic Commands to handle MQ Series

  • Types of Commands
  • Basic Commands to use MQSeries

Logging Methods in MQ Series

  • Circular logging
  • Linear Logging

SSL key configuration

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