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Mobile Apps Online Training

Getting Started With Android – Environment setup

  • A Little Background
  • Setting up ADT Bundle for Android Development
  • Types of Android Applications
  • Creating First Android Application

Android Application Life Cycle and Activities

  • What Makes an Android Application?
  • Introducing the Android Application Class
  • A Closer Look at the Application Manifest
  • Creating and Using Resources

Android User Interfaces

  • Assigning User Interfaces to Activities
  • Introducing Layouts
  • Introducing Adapters

Intents and Broadcast receivers

  • Using Intents to Launch Activities
  • Using Intents to Broadcast Events
  • Creating Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
  • Listening for Native Broadcast Intents
  • Monitoring Device State Changes Using Broadcast Intents

Working with files, Saving state and Shared Preferences

  • Creating, Saving and Retrieving Shared Preferences
  • Introducing the Preference Framework and the Preference Activity
  • Including Static Files as Resources
  • Working with the File System

Running in the background

  • Introducing Services
  • Using Background Threads
  • Using Alarms

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