Load Runner Training

Load Runner Training

Performance testing concepts

  • What is Performance Testing?
  • How Performance Testing Is Different Than Functional Testing
  • If I am a Performance Engineer
  • Performance Testing Objectives
  • Performance Testing Methodologies
  • Why Performance Testing Crucial
  • Performance Testing Jargons
  • Performance Test Approach
  • Deriving Performance Test Goals
  • Performance Test Estimation
  • Workload Identification & Types of Workload
  • Workload Modeling Approach
  • Performance Test Tools
  • Performance Test Tools Overview

Performance testing requirements

  • Web application performance testing requirements
  • Client server performance testing requirements

Performance testing Plan

  • Objective
  • Application overview
  • Client supplied
  • Company supplied
  • Automation tool with frame work
  • Testing Process
  • Test Environments & test data
  • Testing script & scenarios design
  • Test execution & Reporting Process
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Performance testing Automation (Load Runner)

  • Architecture Overview
  • Application Components Requirements
  • LR Installation and Configuration
  • Vugen Recording & Scripting
  • Load Generator Agent Process vs. Service
  • Controller Scenarios
  • Performance Monitor
  • Using the Analysis Module 

Load Runner Lab

Load Runner Installation

  • Load Runner architecture
  • Where to install Load Runner components
  • Identify hardware and software needed for installation

Vugen 11.0/11.50 Scripting for Web

  • Introduction to script creation for load testing in a Web environment
  • Record, organize the script using actions
  • Add checkpoints to verify functionality under load
  • Troubleshoot the script they build by parameterizing, correlation

Introduction to Scenarios

  • Explain elements that make a Load Runner scenario
  • Choosing between different types of scenarios
  • Present the basic steps for creating a scenario

Using Run-Time Settings

  • Script and Scenario Run-time settings
  • Configure Run-time settings in the Controller

Scenario Execution· Prepare for a scenario run

  • Identify the techniques to efficiently run a scenario

Scheduling Scenarios

  • Scheduling by group and by scenario
  • Prepare Vugen User (Vusers) initialization
  • Configure duration scheduling, ramp up and ramp down

Performance Monitors

  • Value of Performance Monitors
  • Select Performance Monitors
  • Add measurements to Performance Monitors

Results Analysis

  • Value of root cause analysis
  • Diagnose errors with Load Runner
  • Meaningful interpretation of Load Runner graphs 

Performance testing approach in Development Life Cycle

  • V-Model
  • Agile Modeless

Advanced features

  • Incremental Aggregation
  • Mapplet Implementation
  • Target Load Plan
  • Target update override
  • Constraint Based loading
  • Mapping Parameters & Variables
  • Session Parameters
  • Link Conditions
  • Performance Tuning

Real Time scenarios & FAQ’s

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