Java with Mulesoft Training


Prerequisite : Java Apache Camel

Core Java Course Content

  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • String Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading
  • Collection Data Structure
  • Reflection API
  • File I/O

Mule ESB 

  • SOA Architecture Overview
  • Why ESB required (Integration), Architecture, Benefits
  • ESB Implementation in Market(Jboss Fuse ESB, RedHat Fuse ESB, MuleSoft ESB)
  • ESB architectures
  • Mule ESB architecture detail
  • Hello world in eclipse mule esb plugin
  • Mule ESB studio
  • Mule Flows and Message
  • Mule processors catogories
  • Data Mapper, conneting with extranal salesforce applications
  • Mule File Connector Example
  • Anypoint Download and launch
  • Simple Web service integration with mule application – SOAP adapter and wsdl documents
  • Web service introduction, salesforce connector endpoint mule esb
  • Web Service
  • Jax-ws and Jax-rs web services

Anypoint studio Maven and SVN setup and Apache CXF introduction to web services

  • Apache cxf integration with mule esb
  • Different approaches for creating and exposing web service in eclipse and anypoint studio
  • WSDL First service creation (Apache CXF) with Mule integration
  • Web Service Proxy and consumer

Mule ESB flow service with JDBC connector