IBM Unica Interact Training

IBM Unica Interact Training Plan

Unica Interact Overview

  • Understanding Interact
  • Interact architecture
  • Campaign key concepts
  • Interact key concepts

Configuring interaction

  • Task 1: Create an interactive channel
  • Task 2: Create zones and interaction points
  • Task 3: Create categories and events
  • Task 4: Create offer constraints
  • Task 5: Create custom learning models
  • Task 6: Create smart segments
  • Task 7: Define offers
  • Task 8: Create treatment rules
  • Task 9: Assign target and control cells
  • Task 10: Deploy the IBM Unica Interact configuration

Building Interactive flowcharts

  • About interactive flowcharts
  • Building interactive flowcharts
  • To create interactive flowcharts
  • Interactive flowcharts and data sources
  • About the Interaction process
  • About the Decision process
  • About the PopulateSeg process
  • About the Sample process in interactive flowcharts
  • About the Select process in interactive flowcharts
  • About the Snapshot process in interactive flowcharts
  • Understanding interactive flowchart test runs
  • About deploying interactive flowcharts

IBM Unica Interact in batch flowcharts

  • About the Interact List process in batch flowcharts
  • Interact List process box
  • To configure the Interact List process

Deploying to runtime servers

  • Understanding deployment
  • Understanding runtime servers
  • Deployment and delete
  • To deploy to the production runtime server group
  • To deploy to a test server group
  • To undeploy

IBM Unica Interact reporting

  • About Interact reporting
  • Interact reports data
  • Interact 8.0.0 Reports and Reporting Schemas
  • Viewing Interact reports
  • About the Interaction Point Performance report portlet
  • Interact reports available from the interactive channel analysis tab
  • Interact reports available from the campaign Analysis tab
  • Filtering reports

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