IBM eMessage Training

IBM eMessage Online Training

IBM eMessage overview

  • Browser requirements
  • Working with eMessage

Workflow in eMessage

  • Configuring a mailing
  • Creating a recipient list
  • Designing an eMessage document
  • Sending personalized email
  • Monitoring mailing transmission and delivery
  • Analyzing mailing results
  • Types of eMessage users
  • Mailing features available in eMessage

Analyzing mailing results

  • Performance reports
  • v Execution reports
  • v Deliverability reports

Types of eMessage users

  • About Email Designers
  • About List Designers

Mailing features available in eMessage

  • eMessage mailing tabs in Campaign
  • The eMessage Document Composer
  • The eMessage Mailings page
  • The eMessage process becomes an option Campaign flowcharts
  • eMessage Analytics page
  • eMessage Settings page

Working with mailings in IBM eMessage

  • Adding a mailing to a campaign
  • mailing tab concept
  • configuring a mailing
  • Editing a mailing
  • viewing mailing
  • deleting mailing

Selecting email recipients

  • Connecting to recipient data
  • Creating the recipient list
  • Recipient list workflow
  • About Output List Table (OLT)

Recipient list workflow

  • Plan the list.
  • Specify inputs to the list.
  • Define the OLT.
  • Populate the OLT.

Creating a Personalized Message

  • Learning Objectives
  • Roles and Process
  • Unica eMessage Interface
  • Unica eMessage Document Composer
  • Document Composer Concepts
  • Workflow for Personalized Messages
  • Creating an eMessage Document
  • Creating Text-only Email Messages
  • Configuring an eMessage Document
  • Conditional Content
  • Creating Personalized Landing Pages
  • Unica Document Composer: Concepts and Components
  • Unica Document Composer: Content Library and Content Elements
  • Unica Document Composer: Templates
  • Unica Document Composer: Editors
  • Unica Document Composer: Preview
  • Preview Reports
  • Publish an eMessage Document

Testing and sending eMessage Mailings

  • Learning Objectives
  • Roles and Process
  • Where It Happens
  • Testing an eMessage Mailing
  • Sending a Standard eMessage Mailing
  • Verifying an eMessage Mailing
  • Scheduling an eMessage Mailing
  • Enable Scheduling
  • Scheduling the Flowchart
  • Transactional Mailings
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Pause, Resume, or Stop a Mailing
  • View Execution History of a Mailing
  • Sending a Standard Mailing
  • Sending a Recurring Mailing

Unica eMessage Reports

  • Learning Objectives
  • Roles in Reporting
  • Accessing Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Detailed Bounce Report
  • Detailed Link by Cell Report
  • Detailed Link Report
  • Message Overview

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