Hyperion Essbase and Planning Training

Hyperion Essbase and Planning Online Training_0

Introduction to data warehousing fundamentals

Introduction to Hyperion products

Introducing Hyperion Essbase

  • Introduction of Essbase
  • Architecture of Essbase
  • Essbase Product Components
  • Administration Services
  • Spreadsheet Add-in
  • Smart View

Introduction of Multidimensional Databases & OLAP

  • OLAP and Multidimensional Databases
  • Dimensions and Members
  • Outline Hierarchies
  • Dimension and Member Relationships
  • Parents, Children, and Siblings
  • Roots and Leaves
  • Generations and Levels
  • Standard Dimensions and Attribute Dimensions
  • Sparse and Dense Dimensions
  • Dense-Sparse Configuration

Creating Applications and Databases of Essbase

  • Steps for Creating Applications and Databases
  • Database Objects
  • Using Substitution Variables

Creating and Changing Database Outlines

  • Process for Creating Outlines
  • Creating and Editing Outlines
  • Locking and Unlocking Outlines
  • Adding Dimensions and Members to an Outline
  • Setting Data Storage Properties

Setting Dimension and Member Properties

  • Setting Dimension Types
  • Creating a Time Dimension
  • Creating an Accounts Dimension
  • Setting Member Consolidation
  • Setting Aliases
  • Creating and Managing Alias Tables
  • Creating¬† UDAs

Working with Attributes

  • Understanding Attributes
  • Understanding Attribute Dimensions
  • Understanding Attribute Types
  • Designing Attribute Dimensions
  • Comparing Attribute and Standard Dimension
  • Comparing Attributes and UDAs

Data Loading and Dimension Building

  • Introduction
  • Process Dimension Building
  • Understanding Build Methods
  • Using Generation References
  • Using Level References
  • Using Parent-Child References
  • Process for Data Loading
  • Data Sources
  • Rules Files
  • Creating Rules Files
  • Selecting a Build Method using rule file
  • Defining Data Load Field Properties

Creating and Maintaining Partitions

Designing and Building Currency Conversion Applications

Calculating Data

Retrieve Data

  • Report script
  • Excel add-in

Working with MAXL script

Optimizing of Essbase

  • Optimizing Essbase Caches
  • Optimizing Database Restructuring
  • Optimizing Data Loads
  • Optimizing Calculations