EMC Avamar/Data Domain Training

EMC Avamar-Data Domain-training


  • What is backup and why it is important to backup
  • What are components of traditional backup infrastructure?
  • What are kind of medium where data can be stored?
  • Avamar Overview
  • What is Avamar?
  • Difference between Traditional backups and Avamar
  • Deduplication types, concept, process flow
  • Avamar Fundamentals/Terminologies
  • Avamar components/Node types
  • Fault Tolerance : RAID/RAIN
  • Avamar processes
  • Backing up virtual machines, NDMP devices and databases.
  • Avamar Installation and Administration:
  • installation and basic use of Avamar Administrator
  • Avamar client software
  • Domains and user accounts, client activation/registration, client management
  • User roles addition, deleting
  • Avamar client manager
  • Avamar Backups and Restores
  • Scheduled backups : Group, dataset, schedule, retention
  • On-demand backups : Avamar administrator, mccli, client initiated backups
  • Managing and monitoring backups
  • Avamar Enterprise Manager and replication
  • Logging in to EM, EM features and monitoring multiple Avamar servers
  • Replication types, configuration, logs and restoring from replicated backups
  • Avamar system monitoring and maintenance
  • Avamar system monitoring, event profiles
  • Methods of starting and stopping Avamar processes.
  • Avamar checkpoints, garbage collection and HFS check
  • Avamar backup and maintenance windows
  • Monitoring Avamar Server capacity, Capacity limits, factors affecting capacity
  • Avamar log files, common troubleshooting and generating reports
  • Avamar server logs, client log files, client cache files
  • Avatar logs and Avagent logs
  • File cache and Hash Cache, cache file sizes
  • Common troubleshooting
  • Creating reports in Avamar Administrator

Data Domain 

Describe deduplication

• Describe the Data Domain operating environment, including Data
• Identify and configure Data Domain data paths
• Perform a Data Domain system initial setup
• Access and copy data to a Data Domain system
• Configure and manage data security on a Data Domain system
• Describe DD Boost
• Perform a DD Boost backup
• Monitor a Data Domain system

Discussion on the commands to check the properties from Avamar

  • Discussion on how to integrate Data Domain with Avamar.
  • How to check the Space in DD.
  • How to check cleaning status of DD.
  • How to start the Cleaning of DD.

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