Electronic Data Interchange Training

Electronic Data Interchange Online Training

Introduction to EDI

  • Why EDI?,EDI origin and history
  • Detailed explanation of EDI standard files difference between X12,EDIFACT and other EDI Standard formats ODETTE, VDA and TRADACOMS
  • Basic components and technology needed to perform EDI process.
  • How EDI transactions are transmitted, received, translated/processed and tracked between trading partners
  • Understanding standards EDI’s Implementation Guides.
  • Understanding EDI trading partner.
  • What is EDI data mapping?
  • Discussions about EDI and SAP IDOC mappings and IDOC structure
  • Discussion on EDI and IDOC mappings.
  • EDI Business/Trading Process discussion

Intermediate Data Mapping Curriculum

  • EDI Tools GXS and TLE discussion for configuration and mapping.
  • Application data types/IDOC (fixed length, delimited, named records, etc.)
  • Application data/IDOC vs. EDI data
  • TLE Map Editor and Mapping.
  • Data conversion
  • Variables.
  • Conditional / logical expressions
  • troubleshooting and debugging techniques.
  • Inbound 850 and other transactions mapping discussion
  • Outbound 810 and other transactions mapping discussion


  • In-depth discussion on all the above topics
  • In real time, Error handling/Trouble shooting techniques.
  • Quick error finding techniques/solutions.
  • provide different EDI process scenarios.
  • If needed, assistance will be provided who are already working on EDI/IDocs

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