Crystal Reports Training

Crystal Reports Online Training


This course covers the core functionality of Crystal Reports XI reporting tool and relational database concepts.


This course is typically taken by staff members who are responsible for creating custom reports or users who wish to design their own custom reports.


This course assumes that the student is already familiar with basic DBMS [Database Management System]

Course Objectives

Provide a comprehensive introduction to Crystal Reports functionality and enable the student to produce custom reports

Course Topics

Relational Database Structure I

  • Definition of Relational Database
  • Databases and client-server applications
  • Connecting to a database

Relational Database Structure II

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Joins
  • Stored Procedure Basics
  • Data Types

Crystal Reports

  • Approaches report writing
  • Defining goals and objectives of your report
  • Understanding data hierarchy and relationships

Introductory Topics

Introduction to Crystal Reports

  • Topic A: Getting started
  • Topic B: Creating and saving reports
  • Topic C: Modifying reports

Organizing records

  • Topic A: Sorting
  • Topic B: Record ion
  • Topic C: Groups
  • Topic D: Summaries

Formulas and functions

  • Topic A: Formulas
  • Topic B: Modifying formulas
  • Topic C: Functions


  • Topic A: Absolute formatting
  • Topic B: Conditional formatting

Experts and wizards

  • Topic A: Database Expert
  • Topic B: Report wizards
  • Topic C: Cross-tab reports

Distributing reports

  • Topic A: Exporting reports
  • Topic B: Delivering reports

Intermediate Topics

Complex reports

  • Topic A: Parameter fields
  • Topic B: Sub reports

Formatting complex reports

  • Topic A: The Section Expert
  • Topic B: Objects

Advanced formulas and functions

  • Topic A: Variables
  • Topic B: Advanced functions
  • Topic C: Constructs
  • Topic D: Running totals

Advanced data access techniques and alerts

  • Topic A: ODBC data sources
  • Topic B: SQL and Database Expert
  • Topic C: Report alerts

Charts and maps

  • Topic A: Charts
  • Topic B: Maps

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