Core Java Training

Core Java Online Training

Getting Started with Java

  • What you need to get started
  • The Net beans Software
  • Java Comments
  • The Structure of Java Code
  • How to Run your Java Programs
  • Printing to the Output Window
  • Sharing your programs with others
  • Object Orient Concept


  • Integer Variables in Java
  • Double Variables
  • Short and Float
  • Operator Precedence
  • Java String Variables

Control Flow

  • If Statements in Java
  • If Else Statements
  • Boolean Values
  • Switch Statements
  • Java for Loops
  • Java While Loop

Arrays in Java

  • Java Arrays
  • Arrays and Loops
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Java String Methods

  • Java and Strings
  • Upper and Lowercase
  • The compare Method
  • The index Of Method
  • The substring Method
  • The equals Method
  • The char At Method
  • The replace Method

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Describe the terms class, object, attribute, method, and constructor
  • Write code to define a method
  • Access the member variables of a class using the operator
  • Write code to create and initialize an object
  • Use the this keyword to access the “current” object
  • Use of access modifiers
  • Write code to invoke a method of a particular object
  • Write class constructors and invoke particular constructors using keyword new with arguments
  • Understand the use of the package and import statements for library access
  • Use the Java Application Programming Interface (API) online documentation

Java Methods

  • Java Methods
  • Calling your Java Methods
  • Passing Values to Methods
  • Multiple Method Parameters

Java Classes

  • Writing your own Java Classes
  • Field Variables
  • The Java Class Constructor
  • Accessing Class Variables
  • More on Java Class Methods
  • Java and Inheritance

Java Error Handling

  • Error Handling and Exceptions
  • Stack Trace
  • Handling Logic Errors in Java

Dealing with Text Files in Java

  • Open and Read a Text File in Java
  • Write to a Text File in Java

 Java Project

Java and Databases

  • Java and Databases
  • Creating a Database with Java
  • Adding Records to Table
  • SQL Commands
  • Connect to a Database with Java code
  • Connecting to the Table
  • Update a Record
  • Add a New Record
  • Save a New Record
  • Delete a Record from a Database

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