Computer Aided Design Training



  • What is Computer Aided Design
  • Creating new file
  • Different types of drawing

 2D Sketcher

  • Drawing sketches in virtual environment
  • Editing and Modifying part sketches
  • Dimensioning
  • Constraining sketches
  • Creation of Reference element

Part Modelling

  • Sketch based features
  • Creating dress-up and hole features
  • Editing features (Chamfers, Fillter, Screw threads, Boring etc)
  • Transformation features & Advanced Modelling Tools-I
  • Advanced Modelling Tools-II  (Extrusion, Sweep, Revolve etc)

Sketching and Modelling using Splines

  • Introduction to types of Splines
  • Benefits and drawbacks of each type
  • Sketching of splines
  • Modification of splines

Assembly design

  • Creating assemblies
  • Editing assemblies

Drafting (Drawing) generation

  • Generating drawing views
  • Modifying Drawing views
  • Inserting frame
  • Title block
  • Adding annotations
  • Editing annotations

Sheet metal design

  • Creating Base & dress-up features
  • Editing features
  • Creating sheet metal features (Like Bead, Stamp)

Wireframe and surface design

  • Wireframe and surface design workbench
  • Editing & Modify Surfaces

3D printing

  • Introduction
  • Conversion to format
  • Introduction to makerbot

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