Cold Fusion Training

Cold Fusion Online Training


  • What is Adobe ColdFusion?
  • Understanding web application servers
  • Installing ColdFusion on Windows
  • Testing the ColdFusion installation

ColdFusion Basics

  • Creating a ColdFusion page
  • Understanding how ColdFusion processes pages
  • Creating the application structure
  • Including pages with
  • Using CFML variables

Working with Databases

  • Creating a database
  • Creating a ColdFusion data source definition

Querying a Database

  • Debugging a query’s results with debug output
  • Debugging a query’s results with Outputting record numbers

Using ColdFusion Components

  • Creating a ColdFusion Component (CFC)
  • Calling a CFC function
  • Wrapping database functionality in CFCs

Drill-Down Navigation

  • About drill-down navigation
  • Passing URL variables in hyperlinks
  • Passing multiple URL variables
  • Using URL Encoded Format
  • Creating a data-driven hyperlink
  • Executing dynamic SQL statements
  • Displaying detail data
  • Formatting detail data

Building Data Entry Forms

  • Creating a data entry form with Using text fields
  • Using radio buttons
  • Using pull-down lists and list boxes with Creating a Submit button

Cold Fusion

  • Processing the form
  • Passing form data to a CFC method
  • Using conditional SQL to process form criteria
  • Processing multiple form controls
  • Using SQL wildcard expressions
  • Data Entry Form Validation
  • Client-side vs. server-side validation
  • Creating ColdFusion form validation rules
  • Custom form validation

Manipulating Data

  • Building a data entry form for inserting data
  • Inserting data with the SQL INSERT command
  • Redirecting the user with Building a data entry form for updating data
  • Retrieving existing data from the database
  • Populating form controls with existing data
  • Updating data with the SQL UPDATE command
  • Building a system for deleting data
  • Confirming the delete operation with a form page
  • Deleting data with the SQL DELETE command

Working with Custom Tags

  • Creating a simple custom tag
  • Passing attributes into a custom tag
  • Controlling custom tag location

Using an Application Framework

  • Creating an Application.cfc file
  • Naming the application
  • Using application variables
  • Authenticating users with Creating a login form
  • Logging in
  • Logging out


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