BPEL Developer Training

BPEL Developer Training

XML, XSD, Xpath, Xslt, SOAP,W/S, WSDL

  • Intro to SCA
  • Logical Architecture
  • Physical Architecture
  • Intro to MDS (Mata Data Store)
  • Intro to Dehydration Store

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

Language Structure

  • Partner links
  • Process
  • Scope
  • compensation block
  • Variables
  • Sequence
  • Activities

SCA with Simple BPEL with request reply activities

SCA with BPEL and reference

Using assign activity




Difference b/w Sync and A sync BPEL

Fault Handling

  • Fault types
  • BPEL System faults
  • Creating and raising custom fault
  • Creating fault in WSDL
  • Catch all and catch specific fault
  • Fault policy
  • Human intervention action
  • Retry action
  • Introduction to Java action
  • Other remaining actions
  • Fault binding
  • Composite and component level
  • Fault handling in Sync BPEL
  • Fault handling in A sync BPEL
  • Industry best practices


Dynamic Partner link

Parallel processing

Working with preference properties

Transaction Management

  • Introduction 2-phase commits
  • XA (Global Transaction)
  • Transactions in Sync BPEL / invokes
  • Transactions in A sync BPEL / invokes
  • Transaction controlling properties
  • Check point
  • Roll back fault
  • Industry best practices


  • Why compensation
  • How to compensate
  • Compensation block of scope
  • Compensating scope
  • Industry best practices

Pick activity

  • Pick
  • On message
  • On timer (SLA implementation)
  • wait activity

Working with email notifications

  • configuring email server
  • working with email notification activity

Introduction to Adapters (JCA architecture)

DB Adapter

  • Introduction to DB adapter
  • Configuring Data source
  • What is multi data source
  • Configuring DBAdapter connection factory
  • Performing CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) on table
  • Calling stored procedure
  • Introduction to Wrapper packages
  • Polling
  • Delete and logical delete strategy
  • Debauching
  • fine tuning polling configuration
  • Transaction management
  • Tuning polling interval
  • DB Adapter best practices
  • Execute plain SQL statement

Oracle Apps Adapter

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