BPEL Admin Training

BPEL Admin Training

BPEL API and Dehydration Table in 10 G (SOA Suite 10 G)

  • Dehydration Database Table.
  • Information about BPEL instances Metadata and its Storage.

BPEL Admin Console 10 G (SOA Suite 10 G)

  • BPEL Server Administrator
  • BPEL Domain Manager
  • Creating New Domain
  • Managing BPEL Domains
  • Deleting Domains
  • BPEL Thread Administrator

BPEL Control Console 10 G (SOA Suite 10 G)

  • BPEL Dashboard Monitoring
  • Deployed Process Management
  • Monitoring In-flight Instances
  • Ongoing BPEL Processes
  • BPEL Process Monitoring
  • Process Lifecycle and State Management
  • Process Manual Initiation
  • Process Descriptor Management
  • Process WDL access Management
  • Process Sensor Management
  • Process Source code (. bpel File)
  • Process Analytics Data
  • Process input XML validation
  • Process Test Suites (if deployed with Process)
  • Process Reports with Instances with States and Execution Time
  • BPEL Instances Monitoring
  • BPEL Completed Instances Monitoring
  • BPEL Faulted Instances Monitoring
  • BPEL Terminated Instances Monitoring
  • Analyzing BPEL Instance Flow
  • Analyzing BPEL Instance Audit Trial
  • Analyzing BPEL Instance Raw xml
  • BPEL Instances Debugging
  • BPEL Instances Interaction
  • List of Web services Activities of BPEL Instance.
  • BPEL Instances sensor values.

BPEL Instance Test Case (Unit and Composite Test Case)

  • BPEL Activities Monitoring
  • BPEL Instance Activity Monitoring
  • BPEL Configurations Management
  • Domain Configurations
  • Xpath Library Configuration
  • Logging Configuration
  • Auto Recovery Configurations
  • BPEL Domain Administration
  • Thread Allocation Statistics for BPEL Domain
  • Runtime Statistics for BPEL Domain
  • Runtime Adapter Statistics for BPEL Domain
  • Process Log for BPEL Domain
  • Recovery Invokes
  • Diagnostic Collection
  • Predefined Actions for BPEL Domain
  • WSDL Cache Clear
  • Purging all instances
  • Purging Sensor Data
  • Refreshing Alarm Table
  • Testing of BPEL Process using SOAP _UI
  • About SOAP UI
  • Forming SOAP request based on BPEL WSDL
  • Testing Process using SOAP UI Tool

Application Server Connection and Integration Server Connection in Jdeveloper.

Build and deployment of BPEL Processes using Jdeveloper 10 G (Ant Build Script).

Build and deployment of BPEL Process using Hudson Integration Tool (Ant Build Script)

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