BI Apps Training

BI Apps Training
  • Siebel Analytics/OBIE Architecture
  • Siebel Relationship Management Warehouse content/E-biz Warehouse content
  • Installing SRMW/Ebiz warehouse
  • Understanding the ETL process
  • Working with Informatica Designer
  • Exploring SDE and SIL Mappings
  • Building Siebel/Ebiz SDE and SIL Mappings
  • Working with Informatica Workflow Manager
  • Working Datawarehouse Application Console
  • Populating the SRMW
  • Configuring The Siebel/EbizRelationship Management warehouse
  • Customizing the Siebel / Ebiz RMW
  • Identifying the Transactional and SRMW/Ebiz Data for Analysis
  • Customizing the SRMW using Siebel /Ebiz Data
  • Customizing the SRMW using Non Siebel/Ebiz Data
  • Managing SRMW/Ebiz Performance
  • Wrap up

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