Amazon Web Services Training

Amazon Web Services Training

Overview of Amazon Web Services

Identity & Access Management

  • Introduction
  • How to create IAM users for AWS account and create/assign roles/policies
  • How to access AWS resources using IAM account

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)

  • Introduction
  • How to launch an EC2 instance
  • Security Groups Configuration
  • Load Balancer for EC2 instances

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

  • Introduction
  • How to deploy an application in Elastic Beanstalk

Simple Storage Service(S3)

  • Introduction
  • S3 Bucket creation and storage of static files/content

Amazon Relational Database Service(RDS)

  • Introduction
  • How to create RDS instance and access its database

Introduction to API Gateway (How to create an API)

Introduction to Lambda(How to create lambda functions)

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