Adobe CQ 5 Developer Training

Adobe CQ 5 Developer Online Training


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • A look inside

Internal Layers

  • WCM
  • Workflow engine
  • Components
  • Widgets
  • Key Principles
  • Platform Architecture

Servlet Engine

  • JCR
  • Sling
  • OSGi

Startup Sequence

  • Basic setup

Author and Publish Instances

Web Server and Dispatcher

  • Caching overview

Replication Agents


  • Development
  • Test/QA
  • Production

Installation, Startup and Project Setup


Author Instance

Install an Author Instance

  • Interfaces
  • CQ5
  • CRX
  • Felix

Browse Noted Interfaces

  • IDEs (regular and Lite)

Become Familiar with CRXDE Lite

  • Projects

Create a Training Project (Using Lite)

  • Key CQ5 elements
  • Templates

Create a Template (Using Lite)

  • Components

Create a Page Component with Default Script (Using Lite)

  • Pages

Create a Simple Web Site Page Structure (Using Lite)

  • Installing/starting CRXDE

Install and Start CRXDE (will be Used from Now On)

  • URL decomposition
  • Sling request processing
  • REST
  • General mapping

Create Multiple Scripts for Page Component (html.jsp, m.html.jsp)

  • Function of the global.jsp
  • Predefined objects
  • Used APIs
  • Used TagLibs

Include the Global.jsp in the Page Component

  • Accessing content
  • Key objects (currentPage, resource, properties, currentNode)

Display Page Title and Other Basic Content

  • Enhancing the Page component
  • Component script inclusion (run time vs. compilation time)

Breakout and Include Body.jsp
WCM Initialization

Initialize the WCM

  • Component hierarchy
  • Component inheritance
  • Extending existing components

Extend the Foundation Page Component

  • Extending script structure

Add Structure to Page Component

  • Designer overview (behavior/implications)
  • Creating a design

Create a New Design

  • Assigning a design

Assigning a Design

  • Content component overview
  • Relevant concepts
  • Rendering (text/image)
  • Authoring (brief on Dialog/Widgets)
  • Component inclusion in Templates
  • Navigation
  • Relevant functionality
  • Getting a Page
  • Listing its valid children
  • Getting a child’s title
  • Getting a child’s path

Simple Text Navigation Component

  • Logging

Add Simple Log Message

  • Debugging

Run CRXDE in Debugger Mode

  • Image rendering
  • Concepts
  • API essentials

Image Based Top Nav Component

  • Content Authoring components
  • Dialogs
  • Widgets

Simple Title Component

  • Edit/Design mode overview
  • Global impact

Logo Component

  • Including foundation components

Include Foundation Component (breadcrumb)

  • The paragraph system
  • Overview

Include the Parsys Component, Add Content to the Page

  • Creating complex components
  • Things to consider
  • Edit vs. design mode
  • Widgets
  • Allowed parents
  • Rendering both text and image content
  • Enabling “drop target” capabilities

Create a Text and Image Component

  • Searching CQ5
  • Overview
  • JCR vs. CQ5 search methods

Create a CQ5 Search Component

  • Review key Widgets
  • Textfield
  • Textarea
  • Richtext
  • Smartimage
  • Selection
  • Multitextfield
  • Pathcomplete
  • Browsefield
  • Internationalization concepts
  • Project specific
  • Component specific

Define a Component Specific i18n

  • Review code specific use of internationalization
  • Widget (xtype) development
  • Creating a Widget
  • Registering that Widget

Create and Register a Widget, Use that Widget

  • CRX packages
  • Uses
  • Filters

Create and Download CRX Package

  • OSGi Bundles
  • What are they
  • OSGi components, services,annotations
  • How to manage them
  • Upload
  • Start
  • Stop

Create a Simple Hello World bundle

Consume Sling Service (bundle)

  • Performance Optimization and Tuning
  • Overview of basic rules
  • Common performance problems
  • Tools and Mechanisms
  • Monitoring response times
  • Finding long running pages

Find the Longest Running 10 Pages Using rlog.jar

  • Security Overview
  • Changing the default passwords
  • Disabling WebDAV
  • Restricting access via dispatcher
  • Checking for cross-site scripting (XSS)

Changing Default Passwords

  • vlt
  • Users and Group
  • Version Purging tool
  • Activate and Deactivate page
  • Replication agents
  • Workflow  basic
  • Custom workflow process step

Create Custom Workflow Step

Configure Replication Agent

  • What is Digital Asset Management?
  • CQ DAM fully integrated in CQ WCM
  • Digital Asset Management versus Image Component
  • How to Work With Assets
  • How to Apply Workflows to Digital Assets
  • Managing Digital Assets CRX packages
  • Editing Assets
  • Uploading
  • Viewing References to Assets
  • Editing Asset Metadata
  • Deleting/copying/renaming/moving assets
  • Activating and Deactivating Assets
  • DAM Health Checker

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