21st Century Software Solutions Big Data Services - Innovating new business models, products and services 21CSS, a leading Analytics services provider offers solutions that can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data.

Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Big Data strategy for your organization, integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

Quick Facts

  • 21CSS has expert group of BI cross trained and certified Big Data consultants
  • Expertise includes Use case, Landscape, Plan, Pilot, Build and Support services
  • We apply the right blend of onsite and offshore models to deliver large-scale cost effective solutions
  • Innovation lab focused on enhancing the Hadoop platform to enrich, accelerate and customize our deployments so customers can capture returns faster
  • BI COE continuously coming up with best practices on latest BI trends like Big Data, Social analytics in combination with Mobile, Cloud and in-memory solutions

Use of Hadoop Open-source framework for distributed storage and processing of large data.
Creation of scalable machine learning algorithms for analytics with Mahout and implementing algorithms.
Data warehousing to provide data summarization, query and analysis using Hive.
Graphical execution of big data analytics using RapidMiner (Radoop).
Implementation of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™) to process data.
Implementation of Sqoop to transfer data seamlessly between Hadoop and relational database servers.
Apache Pig: Assisting in creating programs to analyze large volume of data sets.
Executing enterprise search engine with assistance of Solr, standalone full text server.
Integrations with data platforms like Informatica, Pentaho, Tableau creates exclusivity of big data for businesses.
Implementation of powerful and rapid analytics on petabyte scale data volumes using Greenplum data warehouse.
Piloting and Proof of Concept
Design and development on Hadoop Technologies
Data integration services and search and document indexing
Data modelling and algorithm development
Develop MapReduce code, transformations, and custom code
Data quality and metadata management
Installation and administration of Hadoop
Reports/Visualizations, analytics (machine learning, statistical programming)